Analytical Tools

MaMD Analytical

MaMD Analytical uses an artificial neural network (aNN) to classify an unknown cranium into a reference group. The reference data are housed in the Macromorphoscopic Databank, established in 2018 by Hefner (2018).

Download the application here: MaMD Analytical

The current version of MaMD Analytical (v0.3.15) is not the final application for public release. This version is available for download and, while the in-house alpha testing of the program has been successful, beta testing by external groups for validation may identify heretofore unknown issues in design or analysis.

Please feel free to download the following excel sheets for macromorphoscopic trait analyses.

Optimized Summed Squared Attributes

This form conducts a binary ancestry classification (American White or American Black) using 6 MMS traits.


Naive Bayesian Classifier

This excel worksheet was developed by Dr. Nicholas Herrmann. This sheet performs two Bayesian classifiers: 1) European American, African American, and Asian American, and 2) European American, African American, and American Indian. Posterior probabilities for each group are provided based on 10 MMS trait.